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My favorite, considerably intelligent and perhaps just a tad sarcastic uncle responds “Duh” whenever you say “It’s all relative”.

So, in response to my just flinch…I won’t…but…

Cobblestones front steps are a bit of an urban phenomenon. (Opposed to a natural one) The wind blows across the “plain” and through the corridor that runs from the Dutton St./Merrimack St. intersection down to beneath the human habitrail area at Lowell High school, over to French St. But at Cobblestones steps, for some reason, it begins to swirl, and eventually deposit much of it’s contents (it being the wind) at our front door. (See “American Beauty”…)

Arriving at Cobblestones this morning, I did what I have hundreds of times since 1994. Bent over to pick up the refuse. (As I, sorry, most often refuse to ignore it!) And, to those archeologists who will study our (Lowell) culture in decades to come, for the record: A Wal mart bag, lays potato chip bag, blue piece of chewed gum, Demoulas flyer and a Mountain Dew bottle.

An untidy, “nice” little moving pile of good morning.

Compared to The Alabama coast line and The great Pacific garbage patch, it wasn’t much.

I’m just sayin’

*Note to the PC police- He was an Indian when the commercial ran.

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