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Farmer Smith has squash. So much so, that he brought us 40lbs peeled when we needed twenty. It’s funny in New England, how from December to May, there is nothing being served of a local nature, that hasn’t been frozen, canned or pickled. (and you KNOW that’s a nostalgic notion that really reverts back to my original statement.. “there is nothing…”)

And, come May, there’s what? Scallions? Ramps? (“What’s a ramp Patty?” “Well, I think they’re like scallions Jimmy”)

Come June, things heat up and there’s some berries. Then, no berries. But peaches. Then corn. Corn sticks around a little while, and tomatoes. And beets, peppers, green beans, some lettuces. Then, no tomatoes. And then there’s squash and pumpkins. Husks and hay. And that means…

If you visit farm stands in New England regularly, what finally becomes a bounty of color and variety in August, after that long, long, long wait…all that excitement, which so often causes you to buy things you may not even get around to eating, quite quickly gives way to squash. What was green goes golden. Red goes orange. Browns and tans. The only color in late September comes from Mums. And they’re everywhere. For a minute. Then, it’s pumpkins. And squash, spaghetti. And squash, acorn. And squash, butternut.

And then, our Chef’s get busy and our Squash Soup season begins! And THAT is a good thing. Year in and year out, our customer’s go nuts for Butternut Squash Soup. At Cobblestones, with maple, molasses and cinnamon creme fraiche. At moonstones, with pan drippings and the taste of Thanksgiving!

We will literally serve squash soup, on special for a month. Or more.

It works in September. It’s abundant in October. It warms in November. The longer we hold on to the lone standing locally grown bounty, the closer we are to getting “ramped up” for Spring!

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