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There is way too much that I am thankful for, to write down here, and have any chance of you (who I am thankful for!)making it to the end. But, mostly, I give thanks to;

– Those special people who got up today ready to walk, run, walk/run/walk, cook, deliver, serve and assist on behalf of all those out there who need assistance. (i.e. The Merrimack Valley Food bank and the 10,O00+ who participated in the 22nd annual Feaster Five Road Race )

– And also, for those who did NOT get up early, because maybe they stayed up late watching movies with their Dad

I give thanks for having great and caring and educated and ethical and loving and most of all, happy children, whether they make it home or not.

I am thankful for all of my loving, caring family members. Even the crazy ones.

And also,

– Great and caring Managers and staff, who take care of each other, and others, day in and day out and who never, ever stop fighting.

I am thankful for those who say what they mean, and do what they say!
(and also, for those politicians who actually meet this criteria)

I am thankful that most restaurant guests understand that shrimp cocktail is supposed to be cold!

I am thankful for those restaurant guests who receive cold shrimp cocktail, but act like grown ups, and say something, rather than “waa waa waa” to (ugh)Yelp and/or their friends who enjoy listening to complainers!!

I am thankful for living an a country that allows whiners to do their thing nonetheless, and that cares enough to pat me down, helping to make people feel safer.(Don’t miss anything…)

I am thankful that in my country, it’s ok to say in writing that I was told those machines are “make believe” security.

As much as war sucks, and those who fight and murder and maim and explode in the name of what?! More land, more power, more influence over thoughts and prayers…I am nonetheless very thankful for those who are protecting us against such foolishness.

And, today, I am thankful that I am free, even more free than usual. Free to do what I love, think what I think and love who I love. Free to hug my kids, pray or not, watch football, not answer the phone, have another serving, take a nap and… to wish anyone who takes the time to read this, a very Happy Thanksgiving and a hearty Thank you!

Cheers to you, and yours.

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