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Being on the restaurant owner side of things, I get the whole “stick to the menu” mentality of our ilk.   Many a “Tom Dick and Reginald” want to create their own menu items, rather than sticking to what’s on the page.  I could tell you stories!  (Remind me some time about the “Ill kick you in your Quesadilla” guest a few years back )

It’s true, sometimes special orders DO, in fact, upset us.  But mostly, in my world anyway, we preach– “If we can, we will.”  We make a living upon saying “yes” to our guests, and like it or not, it’s what we do–and should continue to.

So, just a tip to the new BBQ, Tiki Cafe/Restaurant (took over for the previous diner) in Seabrook on Rte 1, next to the former “Diburros Market” (Do you see a trend here?  “Former” businesses at the beach?!)…When you are already serving Egg sandwiches, Egg and cheese sandwiches, pancakes and french toast, don’t say “No” to a request for grilled cheese.  (And then use the excuse–“not enough griddle space” –It actually takes up less space than the French Toast we ordered instead.)

If you are afraid of the cooks (it happens!), order an egg and melted cheese sandwich on white, hold the egg.  Duh.  So much easier than than saying “no”, disappointing a 10 year old, and sending the message to guests trying you for the 1st time, that you are unable to master the simple things–like grilled cheese and making guests happy…those that will only be visiting for a couple of months before your town is close to deserted.  Make friends, make happy, make money.  How come so many miss this?

Just sayin’

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