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Today was “one of those” mornings.  Awakened at 6AM by a “haunted” ill in my brain about two ex-employees–two beloved ex employees–and how both blew promising careers, friendships, trust and respect by succumbing to the weakness of the cheap (actually, incredibly expensive, life destroying) get high.  Just like that.  The pain by their cook-peers was endured–rock star= sous-chefs Tiffani and Chad stepped up to the plate and covered for them, new staff got hired and trained, and what..we move along without anything broken, but maybe our hearts.  While they smoke-shoot-shame their lives away.

So, what?  6AM Sunday morning…how do I make myself feel better–turn the tide on this sun-breaking morning?  Carpe diem?  I gamble that in the absence of traffic, as police switch shifts-wake up-sip morning coffee–I can make it from my house in Tyngsboro, to my “all time favorite” Bagel Alley in…Nashua, in less than 10 minutes.  (I stay on the inside track–3A–skip the highway, maybe two lights that were “still yellow?”, and never quite exceed 70MPH while screaming in my head “haha Hudson po-po–bring it!!”)
BOO-YA.  “6 Sesame, 6 everything please”  (I feel obligated to note here, that after 20 years of frequenting Bagel Alley, the whole damn bagel family now frequents Moonstones on a weekly basis.  I bow to their quality–and am tickled every time they “rave” about my restaurants–feeling somehow that I “owe them” fond memories of deliciousness!)

On to the next race?  Can I get to Trader Joe’s in less than 10 minutes. The lights cooperate, I hit 90 on Rte 3–miss Spit Brook–pretend to flip the Tyngsboro PD* the blurry bird as I race by…. BOOM! 7:57AM!  Some fresh grapefruits, some “feel good” eggs…  

So, I am not sure if it’s all that organic atmoshere, the paper bags only, the no preservative initiative, or those freakin’ chocolate covered espresso beans they may be popping in the back room…but I have never (ever) been greeted so warmly, so genuinely, and by so many people at 7:59AM.

(They open at 8:00AM.  But, thanks to my record-law-breaking skills, I was there 3 minutes early..and they unlocked the doors.  Sunday morning.  7:59 AM.  “Good morning sir.”  “Hey, good morning.”  “Good morning, how are you today.”  “Good morning sir.”

I am so high.

* For those who read this blog, and have trouble deciphering when I am serious, and when I am kidding–please note that I am “play-dissing” the police, and only in my head–or in writing, for dramatic effect.  Yes, I speed.  Yes, I almost beat the light(s).  Yes, I change lanes at excessive speed, without my blinker.  And, NO…I never disrespect the police.  Nothing but respect, in the real world, outside my head!

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