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Though I try to keep this blog mainly centered on the F+B, and the R+D, on a regular basis my scribbled notes on cocktail napkins find their way into type.

Though, furthermore, I try to steer clear of politics and political conversation, for so many reasons–some obvious (the buffoonery) and some not (bad for business), lately, a few pieces of “interest” inspire the following;

– While traveling recently, I shared wine, pinchos and conversation with a couple of Australians who made two salient observations about Aussie politics vs the great nation of the United States. The 1st, that in Australia, if you do not vote, you pay a fine. How about that? Imagine living in a country where EVERYONE’S opinion matters! Another great and meaningful point of view: When one party wins the vote, vs the other, everyone shakes and moves on–in an attempt to create unity and progress, accepting defeat as the will of the people. Yet another “foreign concept” to US.

Congratulations in Lowell, to the new City Council, and our friend Corey Belanger. In what I imagine was a politically motivated decision, Corey decided not to celebrate his victory at his own Majors Bar, but instead chose the Jade East. A nice place for drinks and cocktails, in the Tewksbury “neighborhood” of Lowell! (hmmm?)

Also in Lowell, it kind of sucks, that we had TWO Cambodian candidates run for a seat, in the city with the 2nd largest Cambodian population in the country, yet, neither one made the top 9. I guess that’s what happens when only 20% of the people vote. Kind of sad…

Re: Stacie Hargis, a friend and awesome person…though the voters didn’t represent for her nearly enough, I would hope she keeps at it, and gets in next time. That would be good for the City, I am certain.

Rita Mercier topped the ticket again! (That’s like, 20 years in a row or something ridiculous!!) Go Rita!

Congratulations to the resilient Rodney Elliott. Dude is another time-and-again winner and Lowell devotee, who will finally sit in the Mayor’s seat–Hats off to him, for having such incredible fortitude. Doing what he does, I would have been arrested years ago for attempted choking of any number of past speakers, elect-ees, gavel pounders or the pontificating!

Finally, for today…can you imagine trying to engineer and execute a health care system for the entire country!? Ye Gads! I can’t even get a dangerous, liability-loaded, non code, infuriating tiny piece of street paved, after (4) meetings and countless letters and emails! NOT because people don’t care, by the way. We simply live in a climate of fear and “just say no” as the easiest and “safest” way out. Status quo means, “you can’t blame me.”

The dentists next door to us blocked access to their parking lot first, then the Masonic Center next door did the same, so now, people drive in to the skinny dead end, pile up, and back out, “blind” into traffic to escape being “trapped”, but hey, the consensus seems to be… “Not my problem”

Just sayin’

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