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We get by with a little help from our friends. OK…a LOT of help from our friends. Training, feed back, teamwork, referrals, etc. It all circles back around…

* It’s pretty badass to have TWO developers offering us money and “benefits” to develop a restaurant in their site developments. Each a beautiful project, each wanting EITHER a COBBLESTONES or moonstones. We are not convinced yet…but it’s fun to consider. (BTW…if you know someone with space– 3000 to 5500 square feet–in either a bustling, or under-served location please let us know!…)

* We just hired two more excellent chefs/cooks to join our growing team of amazing talent. We have NEVER been so loaded. (Though we ARE looking for another full time manager–so again–if you know someone who wants to be a part of “great”–with integrity, mental health (mostly, but not absolutely required), a quick smile, and comfortable with saying; “If I see your cell phone again during service hours I will batter and deep fry it”…please send him/her our way!

* We have a well-liked employee who wanted to make the jump to server. We gave said employee study material, and test scores were solid. During a “practical service” session–when prospective trainees wait on management to evidence readiness–the chef felt something was not right. In “testing” the trainee, Chef pointed to the Petit filet and crab cake and asked; “What is this on the plate?” The trainee responded, apparently in all seriousness; “Polenta.” (We don’t even have polenta on our menu. Anywhere.) Back to hitting the books youngin’! And, maybe, go out to dinner and order some polenta! With a steak. Note the similarities…

* COBBLESTONES was slammed last night! Full house, full lobby. I had intended to head to moonstones following afternoon meetings. Instead, I remained to help out during that early “pre game” rush. I’m glad I did–I WAS able to help, and I looove those nights when we are crushed! Finally, it calmed down a bit around 8PM and I headed to the lower west side (Chelmsford!) To my delight, private room was full, chef’s table full, dining room full, lounge full-plus, raw bar full, and the drink rail slash lobby was full of people waiting for tables. I didn’t help this time. Instead, I stood in a corner, with a cold Smuttynose, and stayed out of the way as I enjoyed watching a second incredible staff do what they do. Thrill our guests–wall to wall, ‘soup to nuts’!

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