One of my favorite brothers-in-law, amongst a handful of very excellent brothers-in-law, (B.I.L.) is of the tech-savvy variety.  And also a voracious reader.  And a bit of a scientist.  (It will all makes sense…)

So, years ago, Johnny set up a blog page for me.  If you haven’t noticed, I have shit to say.  Apparently, LOTS of shit.

Actually, it was 2009 that we launched.  As reported by Johnny days ago, although I wouldn’t have recalled.  He further reported that it was 373 pages, and 148, 671 words.  Johnny further reports that the average novel is between 70,000 and 90,000 words.  So, I have like two books worth of posts over the past 9 years.  (Many more if I convert them to bathroom readers!  Just sayin’)

Soooo…Johnny discovered this all because not too long ago I was talking about being concerned that, for all these years, each post I make, I do so directly through the website Splath.com.  I don’t write in a separate file, then copy and paste.  And, I was concerned that if the “cloud” completely disappeared because of global warming, er, climate change (Right John, climate change?), or got hijacked by Russia, or, the host company of the blog site went belly up, etc etc, there would be no back up of my…. Bathroom reader-worthy 148,671 words!

Fast forward to Saturday morning.  I woke up to a friendly rare email from my B.I.L., with some Saturday salutations, a bunch of blog data, the suggestion that I hole up somewhere and finally put together a book, and… an attached file, of each and every one of my posts for the past 9 years!   Cut and pasted in chronological order, in a hard-file, my blog posts were now protected from a www.disastrouspossibilties.com scenario.  John spent many of his free hours over the last month, quietly assuaging my fear, by creating said file for safekeeping.  Didn’t I tell you!?

More on all this later…because I am reviewing these blogs now, and I’m noticing some stuff…. (Like, what the HELL am I talking about…)

Anyway, I need to take John on a boon, like fishing, and buy him some beers… maybe June…

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