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Dear Stones Staff

A hearty thanks goes to all your moms for raising such incredible kids!!

It is furthermore, with incredible pride and gratitude that I say thank YOU all for such an incredible Mother’s Day success at our two restaurants.  Although I am always proud and thankful for you all (despite my continuous drive for us to be even better!), there are those times that I become acutely aware of how fortunate I am—that we all are—for each other, both teams, the teamwork, the quality, the pride, the INCREDIBLE effort, the hustle, the hours, and the INCREDIBLE hospitality, that you all bring to our environment and guests.  On a record breaking day for both of our restaurants—moonstones 10th Mother’s Day and Cobblestones’ 24th—as I visited tables and spoke with dozens of the over 1,000 people we served yesterday, the enthusiasm and praise I received on your behalf was overwhelming.

“Best ever,” “amazing,” ”incredible,” “the best staff ever…” is what I heard from folks all day, time and time again!  (Except for family McNasty on Cobblestones 2nd floor!)

Two record breaking efforts—while Cobblestones is amidst a chef transition and moonstones executed on a brand new menu and format without two valuable kitchen veterans (who somehow scored the day off!), is even more incredible.

And, to the few people who made reservations, but pulled “a no call, no show”…shame on you!  You missed the finest people doing amazing things on a very special day!

To those majority who did join us yesterday, thank you, as well, of course.  Without you, our staff has no one to be amazing for!

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