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I couldn’t remember Stones Hospitality’s mission statement the other night as I gave a speech of appreciation to 70’ish staff members during our annual staff holiday party.  I knew its started with “Good people…” and I didn’t try to fumble through.  That would have been even more bad.  But, the “Good people” beginning of the thing is the essence, was the essence, and, the inspiration for the speech.  And, if anything, its an understatement.  I suppose my thinking when adopting it a few years back was “under promise and over deliver”–words to live by.  (Though I don’t always!)  But, as I watched these people cheer and scream and root and chant each others names, first during Cobblestones Secret Santa–where the vast majority of staff signed up and showed up with cool, funny and thoughtful gifts–and then during the Stones-wide annual prize raffle–I was so touched by the camaraderie,  the excitement, the teamwork–and also the many staff that took the time to say “thank you” throughout the party, for so many things–from simply closing the restaurant for a party, to the environment that we create for staff, to one who was grateful that we helped her out of her “shy shell” and become more confident and comfortable around people. (Although we’ll humbly take some credit for that, know that the restaurant business is famous for helping boys and girls become men and women–through team, support, crisis management, stress management–a confidence building industry if there ever was one!)

Of course, great credit goes to the leaders of the restaurants–the management teams that set the example, lead the team and bust their own asses to make sure their staffs have the support/direction/defined expectations and all else that is needed to succeed.  And also, a boatload of food and prizes to say thank you with on this special celebration of our GREAT people each year!

**Additional thanks to The Old Court for hosting, Viet Thai, Chef Marco from moonstones and Brother’s Pizza in Dracut (new owners!) for all the delicious and plentiful food!

Stones Hospitality Group

Good people devoted to exceptional hospitality and a progressive culinary focus through universal commitment to each other, the craft, our community and guests.”

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