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That’s right…25 St Patrick’s Day celebrations under our lucky belts!

22950 22896Corned Beef low and slow

This year, our Cobblestones chef–the best chef we’ve had here since the late great Chef Rob Jean moved on permanently, wanted to know (via GM and uber-master watchdog, Robin!) if there were special instructions on how I wanted the Corned Beef and Cabbage prepared for the coming weekend. Trust me–you cannot take Corned Beef dinner for granted when each year you boast about how great it is!

The easy answer to their question was, “amazing” and “the best in the city” because that’s what it has (almost) always been. (And just check our recipe book.) BUT ALSO, let’s not make some of the mistakes we’ve made along the way, in the 25 years we’ve been celebrating this festive holiday, when I wasn’t paying attention as closely as I should have been.

Like the year the chef bought “the red.” No no no. Grey please. And the year old chef Phil didn’t cook it long enough. No no no. Low and slow for hours. Put it back in. And the year young chef Phil used the leftovers to make hash that looked like dog food. Woof. And not like the year that Chef Charles cooked it not nearly enough, but sliced it all anyway. No no no. What the…or the year “someone”sliced it all WITH the grain! ROOKIE!

PIckling spice, salt, simmer, save the broth, for braising the vegetables, and holding the perfectly sliced meat… Butter the potatoes liberally… and don’t forget the mustard! Are you excited yet?

Friday lunch special in T minus 19 hours…and all weekend long!

Not your thing?

The old school potato skins celebrate nicely, and if you’ve never had the Reuben… Damn. It doesn’t get better.

Drink specials… Dancing and smiling staff…Guiness…a touch of green…

Get lucky at O’Cobblestones starting with lunch in Friday–we’ve got this. For 25 years now.


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