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You say Buffalo, I say Bison–We say Bii

Today, and through the weekend, enjoy Bii burgers at COBBLESTONES as we continue to celebrate 25 years.

(And please save the date of Friday June 7 for the bigass party! It will bii off the plain. )

Our Buffalo-Bison-Bii burger may not be correctly named-technically-but, it will Bii delicious! Can you tell us the origin of Bii?

There’s lots of conversation about the differences between Buffalo and Bison, and I’ve done some reading on the subject. But this here is not Wikipedia, and so, this is all you’ll get!

Both Buffalos and Bison roam.

Buffalo-Bison-Bii meat is not unlike cow/cattle meat BUT it is higher in protein and lower in fat and cholesterol. Who knew!

Their natural enemy, besides hungry humans are, bear, wolves and cougars. Are you a bear? A cougar? Come down and join the hunt.

Buffalos are not just the hunted–they can be dangerous–injuring more people in the United States each year than both bears and cougars.

Buffalo’s can run 40 mph. So, get out the way!

And finally, for today, in our opinion Bii Burgers taste best on a brioche bun, with sharp American cheese, half sour pickles, dijon aioli and sliced tomato. How to survive 25?

Bii bold.

Join us for Bii Burgers at COBBLESTONES all weekend long, and let’s find the best beer pairing together…

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