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With a cup of dark roast in hand, I sit down to me desk nearly every morning and log in, uncertain as to what I will see first. Often it’s a great review on GOOGLE–5 Stars begin my day in high fashion. Most generally it’s the closing S+L report from each Stones closing manager–Sales and Labor–which reports numbers of the day, and any other significant news. Most of that news pleasant–“We were busy and the staff pulled together and helped each other out,” some of it frustrating and unpleasant, “Two orders of fries went back to the kitchen tonight for not being hot enough” and some of it boring and trite, one of my least favorite to read: “Lunch wasn’t very busy today.”

And then there’s the mornings like this–when the report shares the kind of story, one that repeats time and again in our restaurants, one that will never grow tired and enhances the excitement of what we do day to day, being that much more special! From moonstones….

“Happy news, a man proposed to his girlfriend in the dining room tonight; they had their first date here. The two of them had an amazing time and the woman couldn’t stop blushing and smiling.”

Congratulations to you both and best of luck–we are thrilled to have played even the smallest part of your joy!

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