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The “quick” in this instance being the (2) night jaunt my restaurant-professional, beverage-guru, Chicago-based daughter just made East, to lead our team in the training and development for the new Stones restaurant beverage program (while also attending long meetings to discuss operational and service model, pay structure, uniforms (ugh!), like, table caddies and menu style, service steps, etc etc.

[For the record, my favorite was the pink drink…)

The “hip”, her for sure, was maybe NOT represented by the TV show we watched two nights in a row to relax before bed. The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. Now, I must say–hesitantly–that I quite love it. Not hesitantly, because, there’s any question…there’s not. It’s actually, quite great. Tense, competitive, happy, sad and damned cheeky-funny (In heavy and varied British accents, they say things like “I was nervous while I under scrute,” “It had quite the soggy bottom, now din’nit?” and “he’s going to pop his cherry…in the oven”) .

That said, (did I mention in heavy, quite charming and humorous British accents?!) generally, it is so not the type of show I put on when alone and unwinding.

This has been a pattern through the year’s (It started with us all on couches watching Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and Project Runway, there’s been binging to Six Feet Under and Mad Men, and Ru Paul’s Drag Race happened along the way), but as “my girls” have moved on and away (beginning with her, like, 15 years ago!), I’ve settled back into my Dad-like shit–reruns of The Wire, Breaking Bad, G.O.T. and just about anything on HBO)(And also, Impractical Jokers–and those hilarious idiots…)

But, these are extremely specials times–as timing, good fortune and luck would have it–as this new restaurant is happening–our Stones response to the direction that the restaurant industry is turning, ALL three of my super-smart, incredibly hip and dialed-in daughters will be local at the same time, and all (3) are contributing mightily to the project. Really, a dream come true.

The timing couldn’t be better. My younger (but old-like-me!) brother and I were discussing just a few days ago…once upon a time we knew everything and were invincible. But the older we get, the more we realize how much we don’t know!! (And, my daughters will be more than happy to evidence that for us on the regular). I’m so ok with that.

Are we having fun yet?

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