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I’m not sure how many blog posts through the years that I have entitled the above. Probably a few, and a couple synonymous “WTF”’s or “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”
But surely not as often as I actually come across genuine head scratchers—like yesterday for instance.

While discussing a staff member for promotion, management mentioned how terrific this staff member was but still has some learning to do. A maturity thing. I asked for an anecdote. They shared:

Apparently, a boy and a girl were to meet at the restaurant. Boy doesn’t show. Girl commences to crying. And, a staff member, in representing our mantra of “Good people…” suggests we show some sensitivity and buy girl’s drink. Management assesses the situation and chooses not to, slightly humored. Said staff member grumbles about how insensitive we are, and then, continues to make the point. For some time. (And, maybe, just maybe, the staff member was half kidding—I can see that—having a go at us—which would actually be kind of cute. But I wasn’t there.)

We then started chuckling at our meeting, about how poorly the business would be doing if each time someone was sad (Got fired, flunked, got dumped, turned 40…) we bought their drinks.

It was a sweet suggestion—and we do buy drinks at select times—but not in general instances of sadness. In fact, sadly perhaps, that’s a significant contributor to our revenue stream. That, and happiness. And boredom. And celebration. Beyond sustenance, we host both anecdote and enhancement to feelings. It’s what we do.

Good people, yes we are. But good people with never-ending bills to pay….

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