Written by  ,     March 19, 2020     Posted in Announcements, Business, Contributors, In real life

Yes, be careful. Yes, follow CDC guidelines. Yes, show this virus the respect it deserves. That said, if you watch the “made for TV drama” network news, remember, they’re the people who reclassified winter storms as “NorEasters” and broadcast Geraldo Rivera telling people that a simple Coronavirus self-test is to hold your breath. THAT, is what is referred to as “fake news.”

What a terrible thing, to deal with death and illness, risk and fear. But in the light of reason and calm, as awful as 3,000 people dying in Italy–the oldest nation in the EU that ignored the warnings– Fifty nine million, nine hundred and ninety seven thousand Italians are still alive. (59, 997,000).

And, not to add to your angst–but scientists predict that up to 70% of the population WILL get COVID 19. Flatten the curve, be safe, stay calm.

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