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We began a new lunch menu last week.  We are trying to find the right combination that will double lunch–because if not, we may just abandon the deal altogether.  But that’s not today’s story.  Today’s story is one of those “No he di’int” anecdotes that will go in a chapter of our book.  Chapter called “No he di’int” most likely.

So…”he” is one of the cooks.  Not having received as much training on the new menu as maybe he should have (or perhaps…and it’s quite possible…he was trained, but forgot) he got confused by a recent order from said new menu.

In the middle of lunch, he hurriedly, and in all seriousness, asked the other cooks as he walked towards storage:  ”Where do we keep the Lobster bibbs?”  ”Huh?” was the general response.

“The lobster bibbs man.  Where are they?  Dry storage maybe?” as he hustled towards dry storage leaving the rest of the cooks dumbfounded.

Dude had just received an order for our new “Poached Lobster on Bibb lettuce”, abbreviated for his order printer as “Lobster-Bibb”

The guys in the kitchen are still laughing and shaking their heads.  And, we have yet another book-worthy “what the” moments…

BTW, it’s a delicious and light salad, not messy at all!

(You think it’s easy?)

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