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The good news is, we ran into an ex employee and great friend of the family–who years ago succumbed to the pull of drugs–Pain Killers led to Heroin, so bad that his family was forced to abandon hope.  Eight years later, and MUCH against the odds (Estimates range as high as 99% all all heroin users never quit), we saw our friend at the beach this weekend.  Back to “buff”, smiling, bright eyed, with his family–those who came before, the son and niece who came after–all greatly enjoying a sunny day by the shore, drug free.  We were elated.

The bad news?  Same old story as a now ex-employee has fallen “victim” in the past week-a cook with a great future, great smile, and great respect of both peers and managers–who slinked out the back door, and did not return to work, only to have us be told afterwards of that which led him astray from those who care about him and support his progress–that which will likely destroy his life, and “kill” his loved ones.  Despite all the post-employment bravado, ill-will and burning of bridges, foul postings on facebook and claims of unfair pay and exploitation, it will be another wasted life and broken dreams– “the beast” will rule and ruin him, and he will lose everything.

We thought this guy had great character, and now he shits on those that cared for him.  Were we wrong?  Did we contribute to his now failing character?  (What would his parents say?)

So sad. And what a shame for so many, who don’t undersatnd where true “feel good” comes from. 

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