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If this crazy business isn’t enough to limit sleep, throw in the pending departure of a manager and supervisor and on top of THAT…Folk Festival?!  Holy Hot Dog Batman!  I had a dream last night that Steven Spielberg would have a field day with!  E.T.?  Psh.  We’re talking Zombies, fast cars, explosions, naked white people dancing (the naked was good, the dancing notsomuch), a rifle, fire, a moose, a sponge bath…Here’s what I can tell you beyond that: I woke up having won.  Not sure what, exactly, I won.  But a wins a win, right?

Folk Festival is…ridiculous.  A weekend full of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  A weeknd of crazy– food, music, family, friends, ex employees, volunteer employees, straw hats, bad shoes, pit bulls, stalkers, lines, wines, cheers, beers, spring rolls-falaffel–grilled goat–gyros, zydeco, blues, Irish step dancing, crafters (I have heard rumor), sore feet, big buzz, LESS sleep, and a big-fat do-over..We can’t wait to see it come and can’t wait to see it go!

Similar to a giant banquet, we spend hours/days/weeks preparing and then BOOM.  Next thing you know, the sound of clanging-poles hitting the pavement as a billion tents get taken down Monday morning.  BUT, before that time…

We are adding a couple of “features” this year…Funky Friday, in the street– from 7PM to 11PM–with FunKasaurus and a bbq.  A smoker with “low and slow” pork shoulder…As always, Saturday night we will attract a thousand to “our” dead end with a Reggae Jam.  And on Sunday, our “house musician” of the last two years, Berkley School of music-bound Emily May Desomond will croon acoustically on Sunday afternoon, as warm up to the great wind down– hosted by Hal Holiday and his No Tones (that was wind like in kind, not wind like in sinned), as employees (who finally get to relax), regulars and irregulars drink up the leftovers and sing-along.

A record weekend or not, rain or not, a few things are for certain….there will be fire, a few “zombies” and dancing (maybe even naked!?)

Just sayin’

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