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Warning:  This post might be offensive to some; those who want me to remain professional and sweet (like I usually am), and those who shudder at the “V” word (Yes, you Steven!)

I haven’t posted in a minute, and I apologize.  I was admonished TWICE last night!!  And I actually DO have things to share– The new operations manager who is having a field day with all the things I do wrong, my recent research jaunt to NYC with Chef Rob (and how we are so going to steal Eataly!) and a couple of other things I have already forgotten.  

But for now, here’s a little sumpin’.

We don’t actually, always notice when a light bulb goes out.  We have lots of light bulbs.  We’re busy.  They slip by us occasionally.  But, ACTUALLY, last night a guest approached us to say that while in the ladies room, one of the bulbs in one of the stalls went out.  ”Thank you” we said.  ”I will go get a light bulb” said Kim the manager on duty.  ”Thank you” I said.

Now, I am not sure if Kim got called away thereafter, or maybe couldn’t find a light bulb, or perhaps delegated the task and some time passed–what I DO know, is that not even 10 minutes later  a different woman approached me in the lobby–with a slightly aggressive walk/posture.  She then, with all the charm of a contestant on one of Jerry Springer’s “You’re not the father” intsallments, snarled at me “You know, it would be nice if ALL the lights in the ladies room were working!”  She was pretty nasty–visibly shaken that a light bulb went out and wasn’t changed right away, that I was actually taken aback.  It’s not the critique that rattled me–but rather the foul way that the message was delivered.

And I want you to understand how close I was to looking her staright in the eye and responding: “I’m sorry.  Did you have trouble locating your vagina?”  Instead, I apologized and told her we were already on it.

So, here’s the thing…When in a bathroom stall, what requires (substantial) light?  Pulling up/down the garment?  Sitting? Finding the TP?  Standing? Reversing the up/down process?  (Automatic flushers, BTW)  Exiting the stall?   Was I missing something? 

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