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I am thinking of beginning my own feature– “Biggest Boobs of the week”, an award-of-sorts for those people who suck the most.  This week is a 4 way tie!  First, the lady–whose name I will print once Kelly Robarge gives me her business card–who waited too long for dinner during a pre show rush at COBBLESTONES this past weekend.  We knew her party was dragging, so, we did what we always do–BOTH as a matter of policy AND proper hospitality.  We payed close attention…I approached the table to offer a sincere apology…I told the server to comp some glasses of wine…I told the table that we would give them a gift certificate to return for dessert on another “less hectic” evening…my manager Kelli delivered the gift certificate and further apologies…and the server did a tremendous job ensuring the end of the meal went smoothly.

The woman was very grateful for our  professional protocol and genuine concern.  So grateful in fact, that she thanked Kelli on the way out, handed her a business card (Johnson and Wales, Culinary something or other), and told her that if things “don’t work out” to give her a call.  Sooo…to sum it up?  She was so impressed by our professional demeanor and class, that she tried to recruit my manager.  What a chump.  (That’s right…I went with chump)


OK…and the remainder of the 3 way tie goes to the 3 tables of (8) from Andover High graduation who made reservations, but pulled “no shows” at moonstones.  Again, I point to the ironic hypocrisy– High school graduation.. “And what’s more my son, you will be a man”…sending your kids into the world with honor, with responsibility, with care and concern for others, civility, manners, a sense of community and all that stuff said at graduation ceremonies throughout the country–and here are not one, or two, but THREE parties of Andover parents who sat there and nodded at graduation speeches, gave big-proud hugs all around, finally made the decsion NOT to go out to dinner–then said somewhere in the back of their minds– “they’ll get over it” and completely disregarded that staff members set their tables, made sure evrything was perfect, did NOT take other parties to insure great service was available for the graduting families upon arrival, and stood around and waited for diners (and rent money) that never came to be.  Seriously folks?  You figured out how to make a reservation and cover your own ass.  How about figuring out how to cancel the reservation and think for a minute about someone else’s situation.  (Of course, the will be the FIRST ones to botch and moan, when we choose NOT to carefully plan for their reservation on the next go’round, and their table isn’t ready when they arrive.  “How dare you sir!  We HAVE A RESERVATION.”  Sure..let us hold empty tables for you and endure lost revenue–oh, and keep prices down–in the hopes that you choose to honor your end of the bargain.  I think maybe no.

Going forward, let’s hope the kids know better.

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