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It’s not easy being me. But you’d think I’ve got it all figured out by that “I’ve got it all figured out” look in my eyes.

I had it all figured out today for sure. The ritual John Oliver until 11:30pm Sunday night, asleep by midnight, a glorious 6 hours, a leisurely long-day-long preparation leading to being early (for once) for the monthly 8am Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors meeting, a quick jaunt to the train station with the commuting crowd (double check the train schedule Plath) to get to the annual New England Food Show in the Boston Seaport for an early start there! When does that happen?! A great day ahead, indeed.

I was even really (really) early for the board meeting. So early that no one was there yet. Because… The board meetings are on Tuesday. Wait. Today’s Monday. Double check. Yup. It’s Monday. #nohopeforme

Back to the train schedule…


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  1. Rob Zimmerman says:

    Scott! Hey dude, had no idea you had a blog – great stuff! Would love to see you writing this kind of stuff on a SHG “corporate” blog/page.

    Anyhow, check your spam folder for, I sent you an email last week about some stuff. We need to catch up – rumor has it you’re not slumming it up at Nashua anymore!

    Chat soon – Rob

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